IPS Realty's Mission: Simplify Real Estate Investing

It's not as easy as it looks

We have created our company around the concept that a passive real estate investor should be able to receive consistent, hassle free returns from quality investment properties.

At IPS Realty, we are investors ourselves. We’ve been doing rental investments, wholesale purchases, construction rehabs, and actively managing our own personal portfolios for many years. We decided to create a solution that will turn our success into a process driven program that we can reproduce effectively for other investors whose goals are aligned with our own.

By staying focused on the investors via the actions we have tried and tested, we systematically create profits for our investors. 

We approach investment through four important steps: 

  1. Preparation and Education – We are licensed realtors and certified property managers. We have the licensure and the certificates to back our credentials. Not only do we claim to know our stuff, we have the documents to show it! We not only have passed tests and licensing qualifications, but we also continue our education for ourselves as well as educate others. We often do seminars on investment in the local Detroit area as well as participate in local groups that discuss and promote REO investment.
  2. Partnership and Joint Ventures – We also offer Joint Venture Partnerships for those who want to be involved earlier in the process and take part in the purchase and rehab of a home that has good bones, but needs TLC. Many investors enjoy leveraging their money for short term flips rather than long term holdings. We work with the best around the world. We want the best products and the best partners available. We hope to meet all of our investors in person, but we are available to discuss details on ownership, investment, and management via Skype if anyone is unavailable to come into our office. Our ultimate goal is to reduce risk and promote growth. By knowing who we work with and understanding their goals and expectations we can purchase the right properties and create an investment wealth for all parties involved.
  3. Purchasing Power – We have an extensive inventory of in house rentals that are already rented and performing if you are an investor who wants a performing asset to purchase, realize a return, as well as enjoy appreciation potential as the market value of properties increase over time. We also offer long term debt investment for those individuals who do not want to have to think about a property at all! We are always looking for the passive investor who would like to see a long term return without any hassle. We can offer up to double digit returns on long term investment funds that are used for present purchases and rehabs while the market is HOT!
  4. Goal Alignment – What is most important to us is that our goals for investment are on the same path. We all want to make money and we all want to reduce risk. Our ultimate goal is Wealth Preservation. We have spent our lives getting to where we are at now and we want to use our resources to be sure we can preserve what we have as well as utilize our experience to increase our wealth and grow our profits.

Our services and products are built around taking today’s market and making it work for us! It doesn’t matter the size of the portfolio or income – the goal is the same and the systems are the same. Please let us know how we can help you grow your wealth. Talk to us about which path best suits your goals for investment in the Real Estate Industry.

We have been helping people invest successfully for over a decade. We are also investors ourselves and understand the type of information you want to know as well as the information you NEED to know!