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Opportunity for Redevelopment

I’m starting to look at opportunities for redevelopment, purchasing cash flow properties in potentially appreciating areas and in-fill housing to take advantage of that emergence.  

Summer in the City

Hordes of Slow Roll bicyclers are meandering down the streets and winding up at hip restaurants, bars with outdoor seating. Tables and chairs fill sidewalks, alit with people talking, laughing, sipping and sighing. 

Father's Day

While I love my business and am a dedicated entrepreneur, my most important role in life is being a father.

Mobility in the City

Have you seen me lately on my bike? 

Flip or Flop? How to Spot a Good Real Estate Investment

Do you buy a house and flip it?

Spring is Coming

The ground is thawing. Days extend longer. Fingers of light stretch into our awakenings and linger longer at the end of each day.

How to attract (and keep) good tenants

It’s pretty simple: be a good landlord.

Homage to Mike Illitch

Detroit, MI, USA - July 16, 2006: Comerica Park ball park stadium on Woodward Ave in downtown Detroit Michigan

Letting Go of the Old and Ringing in the New

I have a love-hate relationship with the new year.

The Pistons Are Coming Home

By Brent Maxwell

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