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A Tale of 3 Flips: #1 for 71% Return

Flip #1 in a series of 3 blogs: 71% return in three months 

5305 Cecil Street, Southwest Detroit ~ Lights flashed and sirens blared, as six police cruisers carrying 24 special ops police officers, followed by me in my hulking black Ford F-150, approached 5305 Cecil in Southwest Detroit.

A Pig in a Poke

A pig in a poke is a British phrase to refer to something that is sold or bought without the buyer knowing its true value.

Sorting Through 3,300 Properties

Where do I begin?

Is Housing a Fundamental Human Right?

It seems like a trick question.

Feeding Frenzy

Recently, we bid on an auction house in the Jefferson Chalmers neighborhood. We were committed to a bid of $6,700 for the property, but it was a veritable feeding frenzy until the property finally sold for $67,000.

El Morada 

We purchased a beautiful 32-unit apartment building called El Morada.

Rehab Recos

Interested in buying a fixer-upper? If so, there are things I recommend for rehabbing a property to make it a sound, long-term investment.

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