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Ticketing Landlords

Since August 1, the city of Detroit has issued more than 1,000 tickets of up to $750 each to landlords in the 48215 zip code for noncompliance on rental properties. Check out the Crain’s story about it here.

What Defines a Good Investment?

A lot of people want to get in on the real estate investing game, but are hesitant to do so because they don’t know what makes a good investment.

Feeding Frenzy

Recently, we bid on an auction house in the Jefferson Chalmers neighborhood. We were committed to a bid of $6,700 for the property, but it was a veritable feeding frenzy until the property finally sold for $67,000.

Eviction Season

Between Christmas and Spring lies eviction season.

Rent Multiplier

Detroit has a unique opportunity that almost no other markets have for very low gross rent multipliers.

Cap Rate vs Cash on Cash

If you’re going to invest in Detroit real estate, you’ve got to know the terminology that comes with it.

Introducing Brent Maxwell, Real Estate Rock Star

Forget your perfect offering, ring the bells that can ring, there is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in... ~ Leonard Cohen

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