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Detroit's Land Use Conversation

We’re getting creative in Detroit these days.

Glad to be a Dad

Sunday is one of my favorite days of the year - Father’s Day.

Biking Along the East Riverfront

Along the East Riverfront - a couple of the areas that we’re looking at, and continue to invest in – a major construction plan is underway to add bike lanes, more pedestrian crossings and slower speed areas to encourage foot traffic along Jefferson Ave.

Size Matters

In Detroit’s 139 miles, you can fit Miami, San Francisco and Boston within the boundaries of the city. You almost have enough room for Manhattan on top of all that.

Millennials Are Moving Back to the City

What any thriving city needs is young energy, young blood, young people walking its streets and inhabiting its rental properties.

Matching the Vision of the City and the Market

One could argue that ultimately, the market determines what happens in housing prices, which neighborhoods will be developed and which ones won’t.

Feeding Frenzy

Recently, we bid on an auction house in the Jefferson Chalmers neighborhood. We were committed to a bid of $6,700 for the property, but it was a veritable feeding frenzy until the property finally sold for $67,000.

When The Locals Come…

A city doesn’t rebuild until the locals buy in. At least that’s the theory.

The Long-Term Turn Around of Detroit

Super tankers don’t turn on a dime or stop on a dime.

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