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Hiring Contractors

We are facing a nationwide talent vacuum of skilled trades. I’ve mentioned it before and I’ll continue to talk about it because it’s so important – and so dire.

I hear ads on the radio as I drive along the streets of Detroit, advertising trade schools and programs for HVAC and other specific trades. These commercials hawk the notion that their degree is better than a four-year college degree because in less than a year, you emerge with a skilled trade with which the graduate can immediately go out and earn a living.

All Hail All Hallows Eve in Detroit….Finally!

Detroit used to be a place firemen from around the county would come to train because of the Devil's Night fires and the utter chaos unleashed in our city around Halloween. 

Authenticity is Key

I love Shakespeare’s quote in Hamlet: This above all: to thine own self be true.

Sorting Through 3,300 Properties

Where do I begin?


You know how sometimes you see life on screen and think the story unfolding feels a little too real?

Just Not a Good Fit

Opportunity Zones

I might say that all of Detroit is an opportunity zone. At least I see it that way.

Ticketing Landlords

Since August 1, the city of Detroit has issued more than 1,000 tickets of up to $750 each to landlords in the 48215 zip code for noncompliance on rental properties. Check out the Crain’s story about it here.

IPS Is Hiring!

Want to work in a dynamic environment and help rebuild Detroit? We may have a great opportunity for you.

Vacant, Non-blighted

A recent city tour featured the vacant homes in the Jefferson Chalmers neighborhood, with stories of the people who once lived there and the neighborhood it used to be.

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