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It's 2019 - What Are You Investing In?

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Happy New Year!

It’s 2019 and we have a new year ahead, with limitless possibilities.

On the Chinese Zodiac, it’s the Year of the Pig, the 4,716th Chinese Year. If you Google around online, you’ll find a lot of grim predictions for 2019 and beyond. World War III. Major economic fallout. Devastation. The end of the world as we know it and a whole new era ushered in.

I have no idea if these are real or fictitious or somewhere in between. I’m choosing instead to focus on what I know, and that is that my beloved city of Detroit is experiencing a true and sustainable rebirth.

We and our partners are buying Detroit residential real estate and turning it into clean, affordable, functional housing for true residents of this city. We’re revitalizing blocks and neighborhoods. We’re breathing life into a city that has long been holding its breath.

If it’s truly the 4,716th year on the Chinese calendar, and the 5,779th year on the Jewish calendar, then our world has been at this a hell of a lot longer than we can even imagine. And if that’s true, then I believe everything will somehow be ok, in the long run. 

We may face fiery infernos and everything upending for a while, but ultimately we’ll get back to a habitable place where people are kind and the world keeps turning.

I choose to invest in possibility. I choose to see opportunity. I choose to be optimistic. Join me on that journey.

Happy new year, one and all!

Brent Maxwell

Written by Brent Maxwell

Brent Maxwell is the founding partner of IPS Realty

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