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Don't Forget Detroit

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Don't forget detroit

In this article featuring 15 North American cities where real estate investment is hot, I noticed a huge omission. Detroit didn’t make the list.

And that’s a huge mistake. 

Maybe I’m biased, but I believe Detroit is the hidden gem that those of us fortunate enough to see it are betting our bucks on. For so long, Detroit had a horrible reputation of being unsafe, with high crime, arson and a generally negative story of being down on its luck.

Those days are gone. Long gone. And now we’re facing the future of the Motor City.

It’s a bright future, to be sure.

Everywhere I go in Detroit, I see life. People walking, biking, talking, buying. Evidence of new life and new energy in a city that was one of North America’s true anchors.

The days of Devil’s Night stories gracing every newspaper in the nation are gone. Now, it’s about urban farming and entrepreneurship, foodie culture and hipster life. That’s the new Detroit, and it’s a city worth investing in.

So for those citing 15 other cities as prime for real estate investment in North America, I’d say don’t forget Detroit. Because if you do, you’re missing a great opportunity.

Brent Maxwell

Written by Brent Maxwell

Brent Maxwell is the founding partner of IPS Realty

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