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McMansion Flip Yields 64% Return

A Tale of 3 Flips: #3 for 91% Return

A Tale of 3 Flips: #2 for 35% Return

A Tale of 3 Flips: #1 for 71% Return

It's 2019 - What Are You Investing In?

The G-Word

The Holidays at Home

When It Has a Name, It Becomes Real

Thanksgiving in Detroit

Auction Fever

A Pig in a Poke

Hiring Contractors

All Hail All Hallows Eve in Detroit….Finally!

Authenticity is Key

Sorting Through 3,300 Properties


Just Not a Good Fit

Opportunity Zones

Ticketing Landlords

IPS Is Hiring!

Vacant, Non-blighted

The Queen Has Died

Is Housing a Fundamental Human Right?

What Defines a Good Investment?

Don't Forget Detroit

The Michigan Central Train Depot Revisited

Detroit’s Real Transformation

Independence Day

Brent's Rant

Detroit's Land Use Conversation

Glad to be a Dad

Biking Along the East Riverfront

Size Matters

Millennials Are Moving Back to the City

Matching the Vision of the City and the Market

Feeding Frenzy

Eviction Season

When The Locals Come…

Detroit Emerging Markets

Opening Day: Go Tigers!

Rent Multiplier

Cap Rate vs Cash on Cash

Boots On the Ground

The Long-Term Turn Around of Detroit

Decreasing the Cap Rate of a Building

El Morada 

Trusting Your Instincts

Limping Vs. Running

Tax Appeal Time

What Works in Detroit Real Estate Investment

Firing A Client

Detroit Real Estate New Year’s Resolution

Fixing Things Right the First Time

Client Fit

Don’t Punish Good Landlords

Outsourcing Administrative

The Brand of Brent Maxwell

What Detroit Needs

Opportunity for Redevelopment

IPS Realty has hired Letitia Maxwell as Development Director

Lending in Detroit

Demolition to Development

Little Caesars Arena

Summer in the City



Father's Day

Rehab Recos

Rebuilding Detroit, One Neighborhood At a Time

Mobility in the City

Changing the Model

Loving Detroit's East Side

Should You Invest?

We Buy Where No One Else Wants To

The Game of Investing

Redemption: A City Rising

Flip or Flop? How to Spot a Good Real Estate Investment

Spring is Coming


Bad House or Bad Block?

How to attract (and keep) good tenants

What’s to love about Detroit Real Estate

Homage to Mike Illitch

Tax Appeal Time

Keep Your Eye on These Detroit Neighborhoods

Letting Go of the Old and Ringing in the New

Getting Real Estate in Shape for the New Year

Who's Investing in Detroit?

Introducing Brent Maxwell, Real Estate Rock Star

The Pistons Are Coming Home

Giving Thanks

Detroit’s city center has become red-hot real estate again

Why These 5 Investors Are Interested in Detroit

Detroit area housing market among nation’s hottest

5 reasons why Detroit is a smart investment

Why A Real Estate Investment Overseas Can Double As A Retirement Plan | Kathleen Peddicord

Detroit leads nation as highest-yielding apartment market | REJournals.com

Redesigning Detroit: Mayor Mike Duggan's blueprint unveiled | MLive.com

Detroit Dashboard | City of Detroit

An Insider’s Guide to Detroit - WSJ

Warren Buffett: Detroit will be better, stronger after bankruptcy - Fortune

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