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Don’t Punish Good Landlords

Outsourcing Administrative

Ah, the trouble of talent. It’s hard to find good people!

The Brand of Brent Maxwell

What Detroit Needs

What does the city need?

Opportunity for Redevelopment

I’m starting to look at opportunities for redevelopment, purchasing cash flow properties in potentially appreciating areas and in-fill housing to take advantage of that emergence.  

IPS Realty has hired Letitia Maxwell as Development Director

Maxwell most recently served as Director of Development for Detroit Waldorf School. Before that, she worked for Budco, J. Walter Thompson, A&W Restaurants and the Berline Group.

Lending in Detroit

For a long time, lenders have not wanted to participate in most of Detroit.  

Demolition to Development

Along the stretch of Jefferson facing the bridge to Belle Isle, a Big Boy restaurant that has served Detroiters for half a century will be reduced to rubble to make way for shiny, new development in the city.

Little Caesars Arena

In Detroit, there is small, residential development and there is big development, like the soon-to-open Little Caesars Arena.

Summer in the City

Hordes of Slow Roll bicyclers are meandering down the streets and winding up at hip restaurants, bars with outdoor seating. Tables and chairs fill sidewalks, alit with people talking, laughing, sipping and sighing.