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Rent Multiplier

Detroit has a unique opportunity that almost no other markets have for very low gross rent multipliers.

Cap Rate vs Cash on Cash

If you’re going to invest in Detroit real estate, you’ve got to know the terminology that comes with it.

Boots On the Ground

The Long-Term Turn Around of Detroit

Super tankers don’t turn on a dime or stop on a dime.

Decreasing the Cap Rate of a Building

Cap rate is a complicated concept, but basically it means your Return on Investment, or ROI, for a particular property.

El Morada 

We purchased a beautiful 32-unit apartment building called El Morada.

Trusting Your Instincts

It’s the number one rule in business. And in life.

Limping Vs. Running

I don’t like functional, fully running, occupied, performing buildings.

Tax Appeal Time

With the opportunity to appeal property values for tax reassessments looming on the horizon next month, Detroit homeowners would be wise to get their paperwork in order now.

What Works in Detroit Real Estate Investment

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